We specialize in residential new construction and remodel work throughout the spectrum of all types of homes. Our knowledge of past and present construction practices gives us unique insight into your projects specifications and individual needs. We are fully licensed and insured for all types of residential electrical work.

Lighting Design

Who better to assist you in your lighting decisions than the guys who actually install them? Given the plethora of products available these decisions can be stressful. Throughout many years of watching lighting evolve and change, we have a knowledge of the products and options available to achieve the look you desire and conform old spaces to new ones. Our constant contact with interior designers and architects keep us on the cutting edge of new construction with lighting choices and designs to make your ideas into reality. We also work closely with local lighting suppliers and designers for those looking for a more inclusive experience.


Energy Saving Improvements

With the push to help our environment and to reduce pollution and energy waste, electrical technology has vastly improved over the years. It continues to change daily as new discoveries are made. Anywhere Electric knows how to effectively implement these new technologies in ways that make sense to your bottom line.

From upgrading inefficient old equipment to full lighting retrofits we have the experience and knowledge to offer analysis and solutions from the smallest to the largest project.

Low Impact Construction Practices

At Anywhere Electric we understand that construction projects of any kind create disruption in the lives of those whose spaces are effected. We are sensitive to these needs of our clients and are willing to accommodate as best we can! After years of experience through all types of construction situations we are here to assist in making your project a hassle free and enjoyable experience with scheduling you can count on and consistent communication to keep jobs progressing and deadlines on track.