Throughout our teams combined years of experience in the field, we have been involved in commercial projects of all kinds. From simple upgrades and remodels to new buildings from the ground up, Anywhere Electric has done it all! Our technicians are well versed in all modern methods of electric work and receive periodic evaluation and continuing education to keep us at the high standard we demand. 


Commercial spaces and their nuances can create conflicts all the way from the design phase to the final trimout. Let us help! With a keen attention to detail and effective cost/ benefit decision making we are here to assist in making these big choices with your best interests in mind


Low Voltage Work

In this ever changing and increasingly data driven world, we have the knowledge to advise and install all types of low voltage systems from surveillance systems to home and business networking, to cable television and Internet services. 



From changing to more efficient lighting types to replacing worn out or damaged electrical apparatus, Anywhere Electric's commitment to personal service and expertise in the field is of paramount importance and priority .