Phaaron RiAll is the driving force behind the creation of Anywhere Electric. His passion for the trade shows in every detail of his electrical work. With combined experience of nearly 20 years, he and Anywhere Electric have been devoted to being involved in every aspect of electrical work. Phaaron spent the majority of his professional career here in Northern Colorado. He strives daily to be not only a master of his craft, but also is a dedicated husband and father of two beautiful kids. 

Beyond his skills as a master electrician and owner of Anywhere Electric, Phaaron is also a very confident handyman, which has helped him spearhead dozens of remodel jobs. It’s not uncommon that his attention to detail finds him holding other tradesmen on the site to follow their own code of compliance.

Phaaron earned his Master's Electricians license in 2014 and has devoted his time to finding ways every day to maintain skill levels unrivaled in his field. His passion spilled over to his employees, who are all similarly committed to their craft. In an industry that has high standards, Phaaron has set a level that comes second to none.